Privacy Policy

Thomson-McDuffie Recreation Leisure Services - Privacy Policy

Thomson-McDuffie Recreation respects your privacy. Creating a registration account means that all of the information used when creating that account will be kept entirely private, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and any financial information. All information collected during a registration is owned by the client of Signup Anytime who is collecting the information. Signup Anytime does not use or distribute any personally identifiable information collected during a registration, and only the event organizer has access to this information. Thomson-McDuffie Recreation may use statistical aggregations of registration information for marketing or sales purposes.

  • We do NOT sell lists of personal information.
  • We do NOT solicit individuals who register via for any products or services.
  • If you have a Thomson-McDuffie Recreation account, we may send you periodic e-mails relating to product updates, new features, or informational alerts regarding upcoming or in-progress registration events.

Thomson-McDuffie Recreation takes online privacy seriously. It is our way of sustaining your trust in us and in our products and services. Any substantial changes to our privacy policy will be posted on our web site prior to making such changes.
Thomson-McDuffie Recreation does not control the privacy practices of event organizers. If you want to find out how an event organizer will use registration information, please review the policies or terms and conditions for an individual event.

If you have questions or concerns about this statement, please contact Thomson-McDuffie Recreation by phone, postal mail or e-mail.